Make Justice Work respond to the House of Commons Justice Select Committee report into prison overcrowding

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Press Statement: Titan prisons won’t work – Channel funds to alternatives that will

Following the publication of the report by the House of Commons Justice Select Committee into prison overcrowding, Roma Hooper, Director of a new campaign organisation called Make Justice Works says:

“The Justice Committee’s report serves as a damning indictment of the Government’s plans for titan prisons. These are yet another example of knee jerk criminal justice policies that have been forced through with minimal consultation and little evidence that they will actually work. The result is wasted money and wasted lives.

“It is about time Jack Straw heeds the warnings and rethinks the government’s plans for titan prisons. Instead of wasting £2.3bn trying to build their way out of the current crisis the government should channel funds into drastically under-resourced alternatives to custody such as robust community punishments, drug rehabilitation, mental health support and dedicated prolific and priority offender schemes.

“This is not about being fluffy and liberal; it is about using alternatives to custody, for less serious offences, which are proven to be more effective at reducing criminal behaviour, increasing public safety and offering much better value for money. In other words, it is about calling for a criminal justice system that works”.

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