Lighting the Flame: a report on the impact of Make Justice Work (May 2013)

On Thursday 6 June 2013 Make Justice Work launched the independent legacy report – ‘Lighting the Flame’ – assessing the effectiveness of its campaign. The report was authored by Stephen Boyce and was commissioned by MJW as the campaign draws to a close.

Just Results: Payment by Results in Community Sentencing (Jul 2012)

In May 2012 MJW brought together 30 leading experts to explore in an open-minded and constructive spirit the challenges of applying PbR to the delivery of community sentences. Participants also focused on ways in which such challenges could be overcome. Just Results captures the outcomes of the event – facilitated by independent public service experts – and identifies nine key operating principles which must be in place if PbR is to be a success.

An economic analysis of alternatives to short term custody (Jun 2012)

Research commissioned by Make Justice Work into the economic benefits of providing Intensive Alternatives to Custody (IAC order) instead of short term custodial sentences reveals they could save up to £500 million over five years. Matrix Evidence conducted the research using the example of IAC orders in two pilot sites in Manchester and Bradford.

National Commission of Enquiry: Final Report (Sep 2011)

In 2010 Make Justice Work commissioned an independent and objective National Enquiry set up to ask criminal justice practitioners and experts around the country which works best – community or custody?

Are short term prison sentences an efficient and effective use of public resources? (Jun 2009)

This independent report by Matrix Knowledge, commissioned by the Make Justice Work campaign, outlines for the first time the cost-benefits of sentencing low-level, non-violent offenders to community based alternatives to prison. The research also analyses the level of re-offending related to short-term prison sentences in comparison to community based alternatives. The report findings are at times staggering.

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