The importance of rehabilitation – by Simon Woodroffe OBE, Ambassador for Make Justice Work

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Simon is the founder of YO! Brand, including YO!Sushi, YOTEL, YO! Zone, and YO! Foundation, which he set up to support various charitable causes that are important to him. He is also an ambassador of Make Justice Work.

For those with illiterate and dysfunctional backgrounds turning to crime is a reasonable and logical means to survive. Today we have the means to turn those people’s lives around and it makes simple business sense to do that .

Just 50 years from now our children’s children will look back at the way we imprison without rehabilitation with the same sense of injustice as we now look back at debtors prisons of the 18th century.

In business we know that  95% training , empowering and carrot and 5% punishment and stick brings the best results – it’s time we took that logic and experience to rehabilitation and prison.”

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