The public needs to understand what is really going on around criminal justice today

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This has been a really interesting week starting with, rather bizarrely, sitting in the Empire, Leicester Square, watching the screening of the Fear Factory. Very decadent for a Monday morning. However, an interesting and challenging new documentary that exposes the history, mechanics and extent of fear mongering that has led to the UK’s criminal justice crisis. The film has given rise to a coalition of over 40 organisations, including Make Justice Work, which calls for an end to the political arms race on law and order.

I then attended a seminar hosted by BT and Alan Duncan to explore the key recommendations of the parliamentary inquiry into Primary Justice.  This remains a hot topic which needs lots of fleshing out. Do check out the report: Primary Justice: an inquiry into justice in communities

The main thread which has run through my week is that those of us involved in communicating to the public around the issues of prison overcrowding, lack of public confidence in community sentences and simple straightforward information about how the criminal justice system works for them, should be pooling our knowledge and ideas to try and seriously improve the level of public understanding about what is really going on today around criminal justice. We need to work together.

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