MJW’s Response to David Cameron’s Speech on Criminal Justice

 In Community Sentences, Offender Rehabilitation, Politics, Victim Support

Make Justice Work (MJW) campaigns for the wider and more effective use of robust and demanding community sentences as an alternative to short term prison sentences (of 12 months or less) for lower level and non-violent offenders.

Roma Hooper, Founder and Director of MJW said, “There is no doubt that the Prime Minister’s focus on rehabilitation makes sense. However there is a risk that the overemphasis on punishment and the use of prison for offenders serving short term sentences will draw valuable resources away from effective community sentences.

“As our report – ‘Out in the Open’ – recently published with Victim Support shows victims of crime recognise that punishment and rehabilitation go hand in hand. Most importantly victims do not want to see it happen to them or anybody else again.”

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