Government Proposals will add more pressure to over worked prisons and court system

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“Proposals published by the Government to tackle anti-social behaviour risk adding to the pressures on our already overworked courts system and over-crowded prisons. Unless sufficient commitment is made to ensure that such sanctions are robustly administered and resourced, there is a real danger that people will breach their orders and end up in prison to serve a short custodial sentence resulting in a strong likelihood that they will continue offending.

Putting people into prison for breaching anti-social behaviour orders will fail to tackle some of the underlying triggers of criminal behaviour or reduce levels of re-offending and it certainly won’t reduce the number of victims.

The Government’s hastily written and tick box driven new Community Trigger Plans will not make the impact Ministers hope, unless they deliver the package of resources necessary to ensure the reoccurrence of anti-social behaviour is prevented early on.” – Roma Hooper, Founder and Director of Make Justice Work.

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