Community or Custody? How best do we deliver justice – by Javed Khan in Left Foot Forward

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Everyday at Victim Support we see the impact of crime on people’s lives and its corrosive effect on communities. Being a victim of crime can be traumatic and many of the people we help to find the strength to move on feel angry, fearful and question, “why me?”

How we deal with the people who cause this harm is the subject of much debate, thrown into stark relief following the fallout of the riots.

There are undoubtedly those who have committed serious and violent crimes for whom prison is the right place, not only to ensure the public is protected but that justice is delivered.

But what of those who commit less serious offences? Who drift in and out of prison, doing nothing while behind bars, then going on to target more victims and causing more harm when they’re released back into the community.

To read the rest of the article by visiting Left Foot Forward’s website.

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