Alternatives to custody help to stop reoffending

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Make Justice Work in The Daily Telegraph Letters.

“SIR – Mary Riddell (Comment, June 29) rightly criticises Britain’s prison system.

Imprisonment for Public Protection prisoners account for no more than one in 15 of the prison population. Compare this to short-term prisoners who account for 66 per cent of those in jail. The most effective way to reform our justice system is to heed the calls from the National Audit Office, the Prison Governors Association and the Probation Officers Association, and abolish sentences of less than 12 months.

Alternatives to custody, which include a combination of robust community punishments, drug rehabilitation, mental health support and dedicated prolific and priority offender schemes are proven to be more effective at reducing criminal behaviour, increasing public safety and giving the taxpayer better value for money.

Such a change would also free vital space in prisons for the most dangerous criminals, from whom the public needs protection. It is an eminently sensible policy suggestion – the Government must be brave and sell it to the public”.

Roma Hooper
Director, Make Justice Work
London W1.

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